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Isabella Thermes is an Italian who lived and worked in the US and London before moving to Berlin in order to pursue a career as illustrator and graphic novelist.

She worked on private commissions and started her first solo exhibition in 2016. Her first graphic novel, 'The Human Heart' is currently under submission. She continues to participate to collective exhibitions.

Her illustration style is mixed-media, starting with clean, pen drawn lines (mostly with Rotring isograph pens on paper) and finishing with digital manipulation in Adobe Photoshop. Her obsession with design patterns features in the background of her illustrations, her passion for fashion often in her women's dresses and accessories. Her illustration world -when not in the space of a graphic novel- is the reflection of a constant pursuit of beauty and harmony, with a privileged space for women and nature.

Her graphic novel projects are the playground for unconventional stories in a magical realism setting (often with dark undertones) and with a limited palette of her preferred colours: red, black, gray and white.

Her work is often conceived and developed as a series of images connected by a theme (either a word, an abstract concept or a literary reference).

Her passion for graphic design also found an outlet in vector-based illustrations, which she has used in the past for more commercial work.

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