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A graphic novel project

"The Pandemic Chronicles" is a project I started at the end of 2020. During the lockdown I was working on illustrations for my new portfolio, finishing the digitalisation and editing process of 'The Human Heart', entering competitions the lockdown.
My daily outings turned into occasions to closely observe the surrounding world, people's behaviour and interactions and translating all of that into images tied by themes: the anxiety, the boredom, the relationships, the family, the outings, the compulsive shopping.
The material I gradually collected turned into a new graphic novel project, which, rather than developing a protagonist's story and revolving around his quest, is meant to provide an overview of how we coped with the new challenge.

Anxiety I_edited.jpg


'The Anxiety' (page sample from chapter): lockdown days often meant a routine's disruption and new thoughts creeping in with a sense of general anxiety and anxiety for the unknown future. Through conceptual illustrations, anxiety features in many different symbolic ways.

IThermes_TPC_the balcony.jpg


Following one's routine's disruption and working from home, came boredom. Those moments in between a coffee in the kitchen and back to one's laptop in the living room, when it appears that time is never ending. What do people do with it?

IThermes_TPC_grocery shopping.jpg


Many of my friends and contacts described going grocery shopping during the lockdown as an "event" everyone was looking forward to during the day. Grocery shopping in supermarkets provided an endless gallery of characters interacting with each other in sometimes unpredictably humourous ways.

IThermes_Mothers_image small file.jpg


Lockdown meant spending one's entire day home. While singles simply shifted into their apartments' space, families had it far more complicated..

The Pandemic Chronicles: Featured Work
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The Pandemic Chronicles: Image
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