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meet Alice, Cécile, Deshane, Sofia and Sayuri

Portraits of women is a collection of 5 pieces I had initially thought for a shop on Society6. I wanted to create sophisticated images of feminine beauty with attention to details such as textile and wallpaper patterns. I also intended to create versatile images that could go on a wide range of objects.


Focus on colour and design

Legs! Consists of 5 vector images, 3 of which are extremely colourful and two, which are made of my favourite palette: grey, black and red. The focus is on sleek design. The illustrations are especially intended for prints. These illustrations too were thought for a shop on Society 6.


A loving collection of all things Japanese

'Kawaii Japan' is an ongoing project featuring Japanese culture symbols. The series consists of three illustrations at the moment. The goal is to emphasise the design element of each represented object. This series translated into a collaboration with Enksy for customised cards.


Minimalistic cats

This is a series built on minimalistic design, has a playful character with a Japanese flavour to it. It consists of 7 illustrations with a cat theme. This project too was part of a collaboration with Enksy for customised cards.

Vector Projects: Featured Work
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